Design and Constitution of Smart Public Sanitation System

A sanitation technology is ‘smart’ when adapted to local conditions and changing environment. This paper describes the design and construction of a smart public sanitation system to create human behavior by using flash. The system has been constructed based on Artificial Intelligence using the Micro- controller series Arduino UNO. Push buttons has been used to operate servo mechanism for door lock operation to lock and unlock the door according to the user interface. This project has been designed with experimental methodology to fulfill the vision of sustainable world from third world countries. A smart dustbin has been used in the system. The dustbin is developed using ultrasonic sensor technology to operate the servomotor. To abate the electricity cost, automatic day light controlled sensor technology is also used. To make the system user friendly an emergency button has been also used for emergency exit. Moreover a water level indicator has been set up to measure the water level inside the flush tank and an alarming system has been also built to monitor the total process of this system. This is a revolutionary invent to ensure the health safety in public sanitation

Author(s): Jimmy Majumder, Arif Khan, Akramul Islam and Enamul Haq

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