Cryptogenic Hemoptysis in Children: A Case Report

Hemoptysis in children is a rare but potentially life-threatening condition of various underlying respiratory tract abnormalities. The diagnosis is challenging as it is difficult to elicit a clear history and perform thorough physical examination in a child. However, despite the use of currently available diagnostic tools such as bronchoscopy and computed tomography, the etiology cannot be determined in up to 25% of cases, termed as cryptogenic. Here we report a 5½ years old girl having history of intermittent, moderate-volume hemoptysis for one year. Her coagulation profile, bronchoscopy and CT aorta pulmonary angiogram findings were normal. Her CT scan of chest revealed an ill-defined in homogenous opacities and Tc-99m MAA (micro aggregated albumin) revealed defective perfusion in upper lobe of left lung which may be due to healing lession of previous infection. Ultimately she was diagnosed having cryptogenic hemoptysis and was transfered to higher Centre for bronchial artery embolization.

Author(s): Rahman Atiar1, Amaan Abdullahel and Zahan Khainoor

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