Cranial imaging in child abuse

Serious head injury in children especially less than 2 years old must make the doctor thought of child abuse. Different neuroimaging modalities take role in the diagnose of child abuse . Skull X-ray and cranial CT should be done. Do not hesitate to repeat imaging and know that brain MR imaging may contribute to the diagnostic work-up, particularly in the absence of characteristic CT findings. The c plays an important role in accurately identifying non-accidental cranial trauma. The clinical presentation can be non-specific or misleading. The radiologist is in the front line to suggest the possibility of child abuse , the possibility should be considered ; therefore it is important to know sometimes subtle imaging findings of child abuse . Ophthalmological examination is one of the important evaluation  because the combination of retinal hemorrhages and subdural hematoma is very suggestive of non-accidental cranial trauma.

Author(s): Betül Tiryaki BaÅ?tuÄ?

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