Covid-Mentandemic: Mental Pandemic Caused By Covid In Health Care Professionals


With the sudden outbreak of COVID 19 pandemic globally , whole world suffered from this lethal disease but the health care professionals (HCP ) including doctors, nurses, technicians, paramedical, administrative, pharmacy staff remain the main professionals directly involved in management and treatment of COVID 19 . Although in all the countries HCP did a heroic job with full dedication and selflessly saving lives of millions but during this long 2 yrs of period they also suffered with disease emotional stress, physical stress due to overwhelmed number of cases and working round the clock for patients with mental and physical tiredness. HCP are also humans and they are not immune to the psychological consequences due to COVID-19. In India, some of doctors committed suicide when they were diagnosed as COVID positive, Thousand of HCP died due to COVID19 and no official support of help had been offered to them from government. Many of doctors either were terminated from the hospital because their speciality like Dental, ENT, ophthalmology and other superspecialists were no longer needed due to high number of COVID case and many doctors resigned and worked on low salary, some doctors faced violence also form the patients relatives . These all factors contributed to significant level of mental stress among HCP and still doctors are under mental stress or post traumatic stress disorders.

HCP face many problems in their personal , social and marital life as well with resultant high numbers of marital conflicts, separation and divorce among the doctors and with consequent effects on their kids and parents.


COVID–MENTANDEMIC, COVID induced socio-psychological , physical and financial stress are being faced globally and with consequent another ongoing but hidden pandemic of stress, depression , anxiety and many more psychological disorders called as COVID Mentandemic would increase and continue in near future and all governments should take necessary steps for avoidance of this COVID-MENTANDEMIC by controlling coronavirus spread, developing and delivering effective vaccine with at least 80 % coverage target and to keep themselves ready for supporting HCP psychologically for better mental health being over coming few years

Author(s): Mayank Gyan Vats

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