Could your Eating Habits be affecting your Sleep and How Can We treat it Without Using Drugs?

Statement of the Problem: Insomnia is a sleep disorder
that regularly affects millions of people worldwide. Individuals
with insomnia find it difficult to fall asleep and
stay asleep. It commonly leads to daytime sleepiness, lethargy,
mood swings, anxiety, stress and a general feeling
of being unwell, both mentally and physically. The purpose
of this study is to demonstrate that erroneous eating
habits can be one of the causes of insomnia, and that it
can be treated with correction of eating habits, according
to the energy of each food, whether Yin or Yang. An
oriental type of treatment using Auricular Acupuncture
was also approached, in order to rebalance the internal
energy. With this, this study demonstrates that the effectiveness
of these treatments can be achieved without
the use of any allopathic or psychotropic medication.
Methodology & Theoretical Orientation: To prove that
insomnia can be treated without medication, a research
of over 1500 patients was made. 55 (3.66%) of these
patients were selected on the basis of having insomnia
and then engaged in Auricular Acupuncture treatment
associated with dietary counselling all according to the
teachings of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Findings: Of
the total amount, 30 (83.33%) considered their insomnia
as a main symptom which affected their lives daily. The
patients with insomnia who ingests Yang food energy at
night time, tends to have difficulty inducing sleep, being
it shallow and not restful. Conclusion & Significance:
The majority of patients who had undergone auricular
acupuncture associated with dietary counselling for the
treatment of insomnia, had been completely cured or
had significant improvement. The study also concluded
that patients not compromised by dietary changes did
not achieve the same positive results as those who set out
to comply with treatment.

Author(s): Huang Wei Ling

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