Copper based nanomaterial for antimicrobial application

Copper based nanoparticles can be synthesised on the paper have been the focused of intensive study due to their potential applications in the cancer therapy,biomedicine, electronics, and optics. Copper-based nano shaped  materials have been used in the conductive films can be used in biosensor conductive films, nanofluids, catalysis, lubrification,and also as potent antimicrobial agent. The bio-active synthesis of metallic nanostrurture nanoparticles are considered to be a green and eco-friendly technology are not harmful chemicals nor high temperatures are involved in the process. The present review discusses the synthesis of copper nanostructured nanoparticles by bacteria, fungi, and plant extracts, showing that biogenic synthesis is an economically feasible, simple and non-polluting process. Applications for biogenic copper nanoparticles are also discussed.

Author(s): Kapil Kumar

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