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Conservation genetics and genomics of threatened vertebrates in China

Conservation genetics and genomics are two independent
disciplines that focus on using new techniques
in genetics and genomics to solve problems
in conservation biology. During the past two decades,
conservation genetics and genomics have experienced
rapid progress. Here, we summarize the
research advances in the conservation genetics and
genomics of threatened vertebrates (e.g., carnivorans,
primates, ungulates, cetaceans, avians, amphibians
and reptiles) in China. First, we introduce
the concepts of conservation genetics and genomics
and their development. Second, we review the recent
advances in conservation genetics research, including
noninvasive genetics and landscape genetics.
Third, we summarize the progress in conservation
genomics research, which mainly focuses on resolving
genetic problems relevant to conservation such
as genetic diversity, genetic structure, demographic
history, and genomic evolution and adaptation. Finally,
we discuss the future directions of conservation
genetics and genomics.

Author(s): Huizhong Fan, Yibo Hu, Yonggang Nie, Li Yan, Fuwen Wei

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