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Comparative Expression Analysis of Ghrelin Hormone in Five Meat-Genotype Broiler Chickens

The present investigation aims to study the Ghrelin gene (GHRL) expression patterns of meat-type hybrids, Aviagen, Arbor Acres, Hubbard, Cobb and Ross at 21 and 37 days of age. There was no association between the level of expression and either phenotypic or carcass parameters for all genotypes at 21 days. The highest transcript abundance of Gherlin mRNA for Ross genotype had a significant negative association with weight gain (WG 3-5 wks), growth efficiency (GE 0-5 and 3-5 wks), specific growth rate (SGR 0-37 and 21-37 day), carcass weight (CW), shank length (SL) and wing weight (WW). Aviagen hybrid, the lowest gene expression of all, had high significant positive association for both abdominal fat and abdominal fat % at slaughter age. Arbor Acre hybrid had significant (p ≤ 0.05) negative association with fat % of breast muscle meat by. The drumstick muscle fat % of Hubbard hybrid chickens was negatively regressed on the Gherlin mRNA expression. These findings suggested that the differences in transcript level and response among resembles of meat type hybrids might be the result of a different genetic origin for them and further investigation is recommended for Aviagen and Ross hybrids.

Author(s): Ghaly MM and Ma Li

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