Comparative Evaluation of Combination of Extracts of Centella asiatica and Glycyrrhiza glabra for Presentation of Haloperidol Induced Catalepsy

Patient with the Parkinsonism experiences momentary difficulties since in such patients combination therapy is advised. Interaction with these drugs can complicate clinical managements so in present work investigate influence of Centella asiatica and Glycyrrhiza glabra in combination which were shown promisingly effects in such cases than individual effect. Extracts of Centella asiatica 200 mg/kg and Glycyrrhiza glabra 300 mg/kg were orally administered 30 min prior to the intraperitoneally haloperidol 1 mg/kg for acute and chronic period of time to albino mice of either sex similarly scopolamine 1mg/kg administered for other group of animals before haloperidol injection. Acute as well as chronic co administration of combination of above drugs showed significant reduction in catatonic scores, combination of Centella asiatica and Glycyrrhiza glabra showed magnificent results so co administration of above extracts in various combinations is highly useful. Number of herbal drugs shows promising effects to control catatonic responses in experimental models of catatonia.

Author(s): Ashish D. Chimbalkar, Veeresh Babu S.V., Bindurani Ram*, Ganesh S. Mhaske

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