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Ceramic Partial Coverage Crowns in Restoring Endodontically-Treated Posterior Teeth (Controlled clinical study)

This study designed to evaluate the clinical outcome of ceramic partial coverage restoration versus the conventional ceramic crown, assessing the clinical success in function, evaluating the health of periodontioum and the success of Root Canal Treatment in relation to the adequacy of coronal seal.the Pittsburgh Sleep Quality Index (PSQI),physical activity and total screen time. All ceramic partial coverage restorations total of 120 has placed to restore Endodonticaly treated posterior teeth in graduate training program in Prince Abdulrahman Advanced Dental Institute, each patient have received root canal treatment and referred to have final restorations in clinic of Advanced general dentistry training program and in advanced Restorative Dentistry graduate program . All 190 patients has agreed to enrolled in the clinical trial. Patients evaluated by 3 experienced restorative dentists and planned to have ceramic conventional crowns and ceramic partial coverage restorations. Teeth preparation for both type of restorations in each patient performed by one graduate resident, Patients with systematic conditions and periodontitis have been excluded; the intact unrestored molar teeth in each patient were used as control. IPS e.max Press ceramic were used to fabricate all restorations and Variolink dual-cure and light-cure luting composite cement (IVOCLAR) were used for cementation. All clinical procedures and outcome parameters were evaluated by 3 calibrated restorative faculties and one Endodontist these cases has been followed up for 2 years to investigate the clinical outcome, assessing the clinical success in function, evaluating the health of periodontioum and the success of RCT in relation to the adequacy of the coronal seal. Restorations were evaluated according to the modified USPHS criteria. Kaplan- Meier analysis was used to calculate the probability of survival.

Author(s): Husein Al-Omer*

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