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Case management

M - compassionate care to people of all ages and nationalities. Case Management was developed as a model to enhance quality of patient care, increase patient satisfaction and decrease the cost of delivery of care. C M “ w goals are to afford quality healthcare, decrease fragmentation, ’ . (ANA 1994. as cited in Tahan & Powell, 2010). The aim of this paper is to share the experience of developing a case management program in Mafraq hospital, and how it had impacted on patient safety and care. This was achieved by collaborating and coordinating the care and services provided to the patients from the time of admission to the time of discharge, in addition to the financial impact of a case management program. The case management program was introduced in Mafraq hospital on March 2011, and since then the team was working hard to facilitate the care provided to the patients and to coordinate the services within a multidisciplinary approach

Author(s): Najla Fadhl Abdulla Hassan

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