Cancer Diet: Pre, During and Post Treatment.

Cancer is considered as one of the leading causes of death in many parts of the world. Cancer weakens the immune system. A healthy diet generally enables the cancer patients to strengthen their body, which in result defenses and fights back the infections. A healthy diet will also hasten healing of the body tissues which may be damaged during the course of the disease and its treatment. Growing evidence points to certain dietary habits increasing or decreasing the cancer risk. Nutrition is plays a key role in treating and coping with the cancer. It is difficult to prove that certain foods causes cancer. According to the study repeatedly indicated that more consumption of certain foods may increase the likelihood of developing the cancer cells. Malignant growth survivors may regularly search for data and exhortation from their medical services suppliers about the food decisions, active work, and dietary enhancement used to improve their personal satisfaction and their drawn out endurance.

Author(s): Gloria Colson

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