Body weight measurement, calibration and Gait analysis using feet pressure for physiotherapy

Abnormal gait caused by stroke or other pathological reasons can greatly impact the life of an individual. Being able to measure and analyze that gait, it is often critical for rehabilitation. Understanding the distribution of various physical parameters such as distribution of pressure and weight in foot etc. are helpful for the physiotherapist in the treatment. Now a day’s elderly injuries due to fall is becoming decreasing due to influential constituent of Methodical studies on gait detection systems. Diverse range of foot disorders are diagnosed with the help of information collected from plantar pressure measurement system. Foot pressure analysis is useful for medical diagnosis such as analysis of lower limb problems, footwear design, sports biomechanics, injury prevention and research in gait analysis. So the main purpose of the research is to develop a low cost gait analysis system, by capturing human plantar pressure. This paper proposes system which employ small pressure sensor module that measures foot pressure distribution and for analyzing the data from sensor a smart application in software tool is developed on PC. ZigBee is used as a wireless communication module between sensor connected insole and software tool. For physiotherapists these results are very useful for further diagnosis and treatment of patient.

Author(s): Ashwini Khot and S.S.Patil

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