Auricular haematoma an avoidable cosmetic deformity: A chance or negligence

This study highlights the importance of immediate intervention needed in cases of auricular trauma cases so as to prevents complications leading to cauliflower ear, loss of cartilage, necrosis

Total 10 cases of primary haematoma & recurrent cases were included in the study. A detailed history was entered in proforma. Procedure was done under local anaesthesia with all aseptic precautions. A cruciate incision was given over the most dependent part of the swelling and flaps were raised. The collection was drained and the under surface of the flap was scraped using Rosen’s knife followed by insertion of small drain tube and pressure dressing was done. Patients were followed up for three months.

Out of the 10 cases 6 were primary cases and 4 were recurrent cases out of which males were 80% and females 20%. None of them showed recurrence. Overall cosmetic deformity was negligible with most of the patients. 1 patient developed perichondrial reaction with pain and inflammation which required long course of analgesics and antibiotics. In 3 cases a thickening of the auricle at the site of incision was noticed 

Auricular haematoma most commonly is seen in male players of contact sports. These patients may land up in emergency department. Thus, by developing collaborative relationships with ENT specialists, emergency department can help ensure that patients experience possible treatment. This will help reduce the cosmetic deformities of pinna which are seen as complication of auricular haematoma

Author(s): Sanika Kalambe Ghate

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