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Attitudes toward end-of-life care among community health care providers and its influencing factors-A cross-sectional study

A majority of nurses struggled with a negative emotion of anger, doubt, fear, or anxious, uncomfortable in the face of death and dying. However, little was known about community health care providers’ in China. Therefore, we conducted a study to investigate their attitudes toward end-of-life care and analyze its influencing factors. To provide reference for developing effective strategies to promote end-of-life care in China. A total of 132 community health care providers of 10 community health care centers in Changzhi city were investigated by a Questionnaire of Attitudes toward Caring for the Dying from May, 2017 to December, 2017, and data was analyzed by SPSS 22.0 software. The average score of attitudes was 3.47 (SD=0.44). There was a significant relationship between community health care providers’ attitudes toward death and attitudes toward end-of-life care (r=0.282,P<0.01).

Author(s): Hong-rui Shi

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