Assessment of visual disability in Kenya a situation analysis report

The burden of disability was recently assessed in Kenya in the 2019 population and housing census for the government, private sector and civil society to to design and target disability-inclusive policies and programmes. 0.9 million people Kenyans live with some form of disability. Of these, most have physical disability, with visual disability coming a close second. A situation analysis has been carried out to assess and ensure compliance to the fulfilment of the rights of the visually disabled in Kenya as laid out in the The Kenya National Patients’ Rights Charter 2013, issued by the Ministry of Health in October 2013.To achieve this objective, legal frameworks have been put in place by the Government of Kenya, state corporations have been established to endorse advocacy and compliance, stakeholders have been engaged to ensure provision of necessary visual rehabilitative services, and the government has taken the mandate to ensure that visual rehabilitation centres are set up in county hospitals across Kenya in compliance with the Universal Health coverage initiative of 2018.

Author(s): Munira Mohammed Akram Kaderdina

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