Are NKT, NK and CD4 cells first lost in early disease stage and can new Mesenchymal, Dendritic Cells reboot /control Immunologic Teeter-Totter at tissue cellular level?

  1. Why is the immune response like a Teeter Totter?  Because if you fall off the Immune Teeter Totter because your immune system is damaged/ aged due to many factors, some environmental and some genetically, you end up in a disease state…..This can result in disease state of aging and you can get an auto immune disease on the bottom end of the immunologic Teeter Totter or cancer on the top side of the Immune Teeter Totter….. But how does one balance the immune Teeter Totter as one age’s with replacement cellular therapy being employed in the near future and genetic expression from possible gene therapy ( CRISPR-CAS9 technology) that results in homeostasis of the immune system? …Balance is the key in immunology, tolerance control by both the (Major Histocompatibility Complex) MHC I and MHC II pathways….If you are “healthy” or young, your gamma delta /alpha beta TCR cells will keep your homeostasis or balance on the Immune Teeter Totter.  Think of certain cells as the fulcrum on the Immune Teeter Totter. A question can be asked, do you want to suppress the immune system or activate it? But what cells control the microenvironment to do this?  A high-level process of the immune system is illustrated below in several illustrations effecting MSC related to CD4, NKT , CTL/CD8, and/or NK cells  ……Notice balance is needed in these quantum immunologic systems with the Mesenchymal (MSC) and Dendritic cells (DC) in the middle of balance immunity acting as fulcrum points of checkpoints associated with biomarkers.


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