Ancient Schwanomma of the Distal Ulnar Nerve: A Rare Presentation

We describe the first rare case of a 3 year long standing ancient schwanomma in a 67 year old male involving the ulnar nerve just proximal to the Guyon’s canal in the flexor aspect of the right distal forearm with a positive Tinel’s sign and sensory deficit. He was managed with marginal resection and meticulous fascicle dissection and had an excellent clinical outcome with no neurovascular deficits at a 6 month follow-up. Histological findings, (both macro and microscopic) revealed a biphasic variegated pattern of hyper and hypo cellular regions with marked nuclear pleomorphism enclosed in a well encapsulated sheath.

Author(s): Christina Marie Joseph, Mathew Cherian, Mahendra N Mishra and Asolie Chase

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