Analysis of Postgraduate Student's Research Findings Utilization Determinants and Challenges at the University of Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

This study analyzed the postgraduate student’s research findings utilization determinants and challenges at the University ofDares Salaam (UDSM) in Tanzania. Specifically, the study aimed at identifying factors influencing utilization of postgraduate students’ research findings and establishing challenges of utilizing postgraduate students’ research findings. The study used a descriptive design whereby a multi-stage method was used to select a sample of 115 respondents from a population of 1043 Masters’ degree students. A mixed research design (questioner and review of relevant literature) was employed to collect data. Primary data were collected by using self-administered questionnaires and secondary data were collected through reading relevant and current literature (online and printed). Quantitative data were analyzed by using the Statistical Package for Social Sciences software (SPSSVersion 25) and content analysis was applied on qualitative data from open-ended questions and observation. The study findings indicated various issues, particularly accessibility, reliability, students’ readiness to disseminate reach findings, and policy makers' willingness to consume research findings as the key determinants for students’ research findings utilization. The findings further indicated that students' lack of awareness about the dissemination of research findings, lack of policy that requires students to submit research findings for sharing, and poor recognition of students’ research findings by policy makers and research institutions are the main challenges for students’ findings utilization. As a result, the study recommends all challenges addressed as the challenges for the utilization of postgraduate students should be well addressed to improve the usage of students’ research findings.

Author(s): Gladness Kotoroi and Mwilongo Kardo Joseph

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