Advocacy for the monitoring of integrated reforestation in the congo basin

On August 7, 2008, Partnership launched an advocacy campaign by seizing the Minister of Forests and Wildlife through its regional delegation of the Littoral.The plea drafted on this subject was subsequently submitted a few months later to its Secretary General and to the Minister's Technical Advisor No. 1 visiting the Urban Community of Douala. The same advocacy was transmitted through the network of forest policies in the Congo Basin (REPOFBAC) to all the ministers responsible for forests and the environment in the Congo Basin. The result of the advocacy was felt in the revival of reforestation by the Heads of State of the ECCAS space in 2010. Cameroon has put an envelope of 509 million for reforestation. The President instructed the PAN to launch reforestation in Garoua and Bamenda with all parliamentarians. The Presidents of the various Congo Basin countries have personally launched reforestation in their respective countries. Unorthodox practices have taken place, including the outrageous deforestation on both sides of Boulevard Ahmadou Ahidjo from the municipal shower to the former customs department at the port. This in broad daylight, in the economic capital, with a mechanical shovel, by a multinational road construction company. The reforestation of the Maetur crossroads by Governor Gounokohaounaye with the destroyed gotha. of Douala whose co-legion of the Gendarmerie was The attached photos are indicators of bogus reforestation done along the wall of the University of Douala. Not to mention the other sites where the mangrove is destroyed by the extension works of the port of Douala towards the airport and the constructions in the city to be regulated with cutting of trees without replacement that deserve. Well, there is hope though. In Douala 5th, the axes along the old Town Hall are well wooded. The reforestation launched by the Governor with the support of environmental protection associations on June 5, 2008 is bearing good fruit opposite the town hall of Douala 3rd in Logababa.

Author(s): Gwaabe Valery Nubia

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