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Active learning to develop the �??thinking power�?� of students and the learning outcomes

In nursing education, a variety of educational methods have been used for students to acquire and strengthen practical nursing skills. However, learning outcomes have not been shown. With this background, this study aims to describe learning outcomes focusing on the teaching methods to develop the thinking power of students using the Learning Management System (LMS) and active learning. The study population is 73 third-year students of a nursing university enrolled in the home care nursing practicum in the 2016 academic year. We collected the comments submitted by the students after the classes and the free descriptions in the post-practicum report. The descriptions on (1) opinions and feedback about the classes and (2) about learning were coded by units to represent the meaning of the content. The data were qualitatively inductively analyzed and categorized. We analyzed the access log for the status of an e-Learning system (Moodle) and activity module (pre-learning task, post-test) use. The results of the analysis of the student reports yielded 12 categories including [sense of fulfillment / satisfaction], [promotion of imaging of situations], [improvement in the motivation to learn], and [providing the opportunity to think] as the learning outcomes. Access log analysis of  the  Moodle showed that pre-learning and post-tests are used for class preparation and review as well as to gain knowledge. The findings suggest that the active learning using LMS is an effective method to have students realize enjoyment and fulfillment in the learning, and improve the thinking power inherent in the students.

Author(s): Ritsuko Kurihara

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