A Review on Cassia species: Pharmacological, Traditional and Medicinal Aspects in Various Countries

Background: The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that about 80% of people living in developing countries rely on traditional medicines for their primary health care need. Medicinal herbs are moving from fringe to mainstream use with a greater number of people seeking remedies and health approaches free from side effects caused by synthetic chemicals. India officially recognizes over 3000 plants for their medicinal value. It is generally estimated that over 6000 plants in India are in use for traditional, folk and herbal medicine.
Aim of the Study: This article aims to provide a comprehensive review on pharmacological, medicinal and traditional value of Cassia species (caesalpinaceae) plant(s) in developing countries.
Material and Methods: Cassia species are well known plant widely distributed in India and other tropical countries. It is an annual under shrub and grows in wild wasteland. Different parts of the plant (leaves, seed, and root) are reputed for their medicinal value. Several chemical compounds such as Anthraquinone glycosides, Naphthopyrone glycosides, Phenolic compounds, Flavonoids etc. have been isolated from this plant and well recognized traditional medicine as laxative and is useful for treatment of leprosy, ringworm infection, ophthalmic, skin diseases and liver disorders.
Result: The pharmacological, medicinal and traditional value reported in present review to confirm the therapeutic value of Cassia species to different developing countries. Thus, this review may provide the compiled information which will guide to develop the novel agent for various disorders from different Cassia species.
Conclusion: On the basis of scientific studies and review articles on Cassia species suggest an enormous biological potential of these plants.

Author(s): Shivjeet Singh, Sandeep Kumar Singh, Ashutosh Yadav

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