A New Unknown Type of Electromagnetic Rays has been Discovered

it seems that a new kind of waves do exist in the nature too unknown for the mankind still in addition to already known to us types of electromagnetic waves. New type of the waves has been named by a discoverer the z-rays. The z-rays can be met everywhere - representatives of the human kingdom (i.e. humans), representatives of the animal kingdom (i.e. animals), representatives of the mineral kingdom (e. g. mountains and hills, stones and buildings built by humans etc.), representatives of the plants’ kingdom (e. g. trees, flowers, other plants etc.), even planets, planetary moons, stars, also galaxies have individual aureolas which consist of the z-rays’ energy. Our naked eyes are unable to detect z-rays under ordinary conditions because the rays’ photometric energy quantity tends to zero. If the hypothesis on the z-rays is true, then it can lead to making several new scientific conclusions

Author(s): Kenjali Tinibai

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