A Hybrid Hierarchical Control Plane for Software-Defined Network

Software-defined networking (SDN) is an emerging technology where control of the entire network is given to software. Although the Internet has made great progress and brought much more convenience to people’s ordinary life in recent years, the fact that it still provides a kind of Best-of-Effort service to application which is not changed since its invention. SDN is an new method to networking in which control is decoupled from the physical infrastructure, control plane from individual hardware is collected and given to a centralized software entity called controller. As to specific characteristics, architecture of SDN makes it desirable to customize the network. In this paper failover scenarios of SDN with respect to routing and scaling to larger networks have been identified. As a solution to it, the design combines the concept of a hybrid hierarchical control plane which can reduce the computational complexity growth of the SDN control plane by constructing abstracted hierarchical network views and an abstracted hierarchical routing method to address routing failovers.

Author(s): Arpitha T, Usha K Patil

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