A Case for the Future of the Hospital: Rethinking of Healthcare Roles from First Principle Thinking Perspective

Statement of the Problem: Hospitals, and the healthcare system, has evolved into a complex multifaceted structure that spans different stakeholders with various interests. This fact seems like the starting point of many presentations, conferences and academic papers to later span into promises of better electronic records adoption, better reimbursement mechanisms, and breakthrough disruptions in form of mobile apps and stylish wearables. In This presentation we will examine the obvious inefficiencies1 that healthcare is suffering from. We will also pinpoint the theoretical models2,4 presented to solve these problems, then we will zoom out and see how these models contributed positively and how they failed to reform in the core of the healthcare conundrum3. Finally, we will introduce a future-looking model of healthcare that is based on first principle thinking adopted by pioneers on the new century, and which made them cause real disruptions in other disciplines. This will lead into a brave suggestion , a total reshape of the concept of healing which goes across medical education , the roles involved

Author(s): Malak Halawy

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