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Journal of Translational Neurosciences (ISSN: 2573-5349) is a peer-reviewed and an open access journal that makes significant contributions to major areas of Neurosciences. This journal helps neuroscientists who are facing complexities and controversies along with the cutting edge aspects of Basic and Clinical Research in Neurology and Neurosciences.

Journal of Translational Neurosciences focus on topics related to Clinical Neuroscience, Translational Neurology, Translational Neuromedicine, Translational Psychiatry, Translational Neuroimaging, Cognitive Impairment, Parkinson's Disease, Behavioral Sciences, Nervous System, Neurodegenerative Disorders, Dopamine System, Traumatic Brain Injury, Neural Oscillations, Neuro-Psychopharmacology and Neurology Genetics.

The aim of this Journal is to produce high quality articles on related aspects of Neurology and Neurosciences, which can improve outcomes for persons suffering from Neurological & Neuropsychiatric disorders and Psychological treatments and moreover mitigate the conditions related to neurology globally.

Google Analytics Metrics for the Journal of Translational Neurosciences

A statistical representation of global users for Journal of Translational Neurosciences (Source: Google Analytics)

Visitor Analysis Report

• Google analytics has revealed that readers are constantly accessing the website round the clock. Approximately 8,633 visitors accessed the journal home page for various academic and research purpose which include: Knowing about the journal and its publication model; reading the aims and scope; manuscript preparation and submission protocol; accessing and citing the published content for scientific documentation.
• The geographical distribution of our readership is as follows: USA (21.41%), India (38.46%), China (2.65%), Netherlands (2.50%), Italy (2.36%), Spain (2.24%),Germany (2.06%),UK (1.91%), and Canada (1.64%).
• It was observed that there was relatively greater demand for scientific content since the sections on in press, current issues and archived articles recorded highest visibility and readership.
• The focus and mandate of the journal as detailed in the aims and scope attracted the researchers and professionals of medical science to the journal home page and encouraged them to submit their contributions as they found the journal to be most relevant and suitable for reaching out to the audience and gain wider recognition in their field of research.
• The citation metric of the journal revealed an upward trend over the past several years which indicated that the journal content was not only read but was also utilized in respective research endeavours and explorations.

Analysis on global internet users of (By Google Analytics)

A statistical analysis on global internet users of (By Google Analytics)

Visitor Analysis Report

iMedPub was established in the year 2005 and since then has been actively publishing peer-reviewed articles in biomedical and clinical science; material science; mathematics and engineering topics. iMedPub follows standard editorial and production policies with Internationally acclaimed publication practices.

Due to wide variation in the journal portfolio, the publisher site is accessed by various communities of diverse scientific disciplines from reputed research organizations, academic institution and Government bodies. More than 2,822,814 users have accessed the publisher website with more than 7,758,847 page views. These stats reveal that the journal is also immensely popular among scientific societies and organizations. Consequently, the editorial board profiles, authors and their affiliations are also gaining higher visibility.

Web metrics of iMedPub (Source: Google Analytics)
  • Users :2,822,814
  • Page views :7,758,847

The number of web sessions, the publisher received was 3,595,693 at the rate of 2.16 new sessions. This implied that new users and visitors are flocking to the publisher bases. A number of users are also revisiting the publisher pages indicating their continued interest in the journal. The fast and efficient publishing standard set by iMedPub was found to be very impressive by the reader base and is being well appreciated; as evident from the web metrics. The metric displayed belong only to our journals and if the associated links are also taken into consideration the number would be significantly much higher.

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