Resources, Recycling and Waste Management

About Resources, Recycling and Waste Management

Resources, recycling and waste management is an international open access peer reviewed publication that focuses on the optimum utilization of the natural resources with social responsibility, by emphasizing on recycling and waste management. The journal aims at unearthing the recent innovations and developments in this field with a view to check the global warming.

The journal covers several key aspects this field by including research on categories including Waste management, raw materials, Sanitary engineering, Resource efficiency, human biodegradable waste, Incineration, hazardous waste materials, biological medical waste, resource recovery, Biological reprocessing and Co-processing.

The journal encourages advancements in the areas mentioned above in the form of research articles, reviews, commentaries, case studies and letters to the editors. The editorial manager system facilitates a user friendly article submission, review and publication. Manuscripts that are thoroughly peer reviewed would ensure the best standards in the industry.

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