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Journal of Oncopathology and Clinical Research that thrives to provide and publish genuine and reliable complete source of data regarding the recently undertaken research topics and studies on oncology and clinical research related to it. It covers all the researches, advancements and developmental studies and also its diagnosis and treatments in the field of oncology.

• Medical oncology
• Surgical oncology
• Radiation oncology
• Neuro oncology
• Ocular oncology
• Head & Neck oncology
• Thoracic oncology
• Breast oncology
• Gastrointestinal oncology
• Bone & Musculoskeletal oncology
• Genitourinary oncology
• Gynecologic oncology
• Pediatric oncology
• Hemato oncology
• Preventive oncology
• Geriatric oncology
• Pain & Palliative oncology
• Molecular oncology
• Oncopathology
• Nuclear medicine oncology
• Psycho-oncology
• Veterinary oncology