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The Safety of Misoprostol for Medical Termination of Pregnancy in First and Second Trimester in Women with Previous Uterine Scar

Background: Termination of pregnancy for different maternal or fetal conditions is a common obstetrical procedure. Having a previous uterine scar is one of the most important risk factors that need consideration before selecting misoprostol for the use for TOP.
Objective: The main objective of this study is to assess the safety of misoprostol in patients with previous uterine scar, and whether its use will increase the risk of uterine rupture.
Study design: A prospective observational cohort study.
Methods: Five hundred patients in their first and second trimester of pregnancy with a confirmed non-viable foetus were selected for the study. They received misoprostol tablets as per Security Forces Hospital Protocol for TOP Safety was determined by the number of women who had complete abortion without complication.
Conclusion: The use of misoprostol for pregnancy termination is not contraindicated in women with Caesarean scar and is effective and comparable with those in women without scarred uteri.

Author(s): Ahmad Talal Chamsi, Elham Morsy, Rabab El Rifaei and Rawda Al Bahyan

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