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Integrated Control Management of Root Rot Disease in Lupine Plants by Using Some BioAgents, Chemical Inducers and Fungicides

Fusarium solani, Rhizoctonia solani, and Macrophomina phaseolina were found to be associated with root-rot symptoms of lupine plants. Bio-agents (Rhizo-N, Bio-Arc and Plant Guard), chemical inducers (salicylic acid, K2HPO4 and hydrogen peroxide), fungicides (Rhizolext-T, Vitavax-200 and Topsin-M70) were examined for controlling root-rot and growth promoting of lupine plants in vitro and in vivo. All treatments either individually inhibited growth of the tested pathogenic fungi under greenhouse and field conditions, all treatments indicate that is a significantly reduced root-rot or increased of survival plants. Also, under field conditions, all these treatments significantly increased growth parameters (plant height and number of branches per plant) and yield components (number of pods and seeds per plant, weight of 100 seeds and total yield per feddan) and the percentages of lupine seeds protein, oil and ash.

Author(s): Sahar A El-Sayed and Montaser Fawzy AbdelMonaim

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