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Hemorrhage under Antivitamins K: A Location Like No Other

Accidents with oral anticoagulants have been widely described, but epidural localization remains exceptional, leading to a misleading clinical picture, the main consequence of which is delayed treatment. The objective of this presentation is to bring out the diagnostic difficulties that arise, to draw the clinician's attention to this location based on a questioning quality. The notion of taking anticoagulants in a patient with neck pain unusual with neurological signs (sensory or motor) is very suggestive, then justify a rapid radiological exploration of the spine. We report the case of a 34-year-old woman with a mechanical prosthesis in the mitral position (St. Jude), on oral anticoagulant acenocoumarol (Sintrom®) who consults for cervicalgia, overdose with antivitamin K. A cervical scan showed limited epidural hematoma between C3-C6.

Author(s): Amine Salmi

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