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Genomics-Centric Approach: An Insight into the Role of Genomics in Assisting GM-Rice varieties With-in a Paradigm of Future Climate-Change Mitigation, Food Security, and GM Regulation

Genomics, in the context of crop science, is an emerging field with great potential to establish a deeper insight into staple crops, such as rice. Rice, as a global food commodity, faces the effects of climate change. Abiotic stresses, such as those associated with drought and salt tolerance, will require a genomics-centric approach in order to better scrutinise those QTL regions and SNPs associated with climatic change. Moreover, an improved analysis on trade, GM-rice varieties, and marketing will be required, from global agricultural authorities such as the FAO, which can effectively, and successfully, address the inevitable shift from non-GM to GM rice varieties.

Author(s): Marco Papageorgiou

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