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Comparison of Parental Stress and Resilience of Mothers of Normal Children and Mothers of Children with Autism in Isfahan

Abstract Background: This study was conducted to evaluate and compare parenting stress and resilient mothers of normal children and mothers of children with autism in Isfahan. Materials and methods: Mothers of autistic children and normal society to Isfahan. The sample size for the study, 50 normal children and 50 mothers of children with autism for autistic children from two centers were selected by convenience sampling. To obtain data from questionnaires NEO resilient Connor and Davidson, the scale of parental stress was used. Data were analyzed using multivariate analysis of variance analysis. Results: The results showed a significant difference between the two groups of autistic children and normal children in Isfahan Modern resilient variables, parenting stress and neurosis in 01/0> P and extraversion variables and Flexibility There is a P<0.05 level. Resilient, parenting stress in mothers of children with autism and neuroticism and extraversion and flexibility than mothers of normal children in the group of mothers of children less than mothers of normal children had autism. Conclusion: According to the findings, mothers of children with autism due to their abnormal, severe and specific conditions have their limitations that increase their stress and symptoms, and, on the other hand, to tolerate these problems. They exhibit a higher level of resilience and also less flexibility and extraversion in relation to the particular circumstances of the child.

Author(s): Foroshani SG*, Ghorbannezhad M, Boustany M and Yousefi Z

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