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Bioinformatics Analysis of Genes and microRNAs Located between TMPRSS2 and ERG in Prostate Cancer

Co-relation between diabetes and tuberculosis (TB) creates dual burden of this disease worldwide. This bi directional association necessitates special attention and thus detailed study on human immune system regarding this is necessary. It is very important to develop some good strategies for prevention of diabetes in patients who are exposed to Mycobacterium tuberculosis (M. tuberculosis). Both these diseases are negatively affecting each other as individual with tuberculosis may frequently attain hyperglycaemic condition in diabetic patients and on the other side anti diabetic drugs may also interact with anti tuberculosis drugs in many ways to decreases their efficacy. This review provides recent estimates of TB and diabetes incidence and mortality in the world. In this review, we summarize the current clinical and immunological studies on co-relation between diabetes and TB and what can be done for prevention of these diseases, and spread awareness of this unfavourable co-relation between communicable and non communicable disease which can cause serious threat to public health.

Author(s): Song C, Ru G, Guo J, Chen H

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