Special Issue: Nanotechnology in Battle Against Coronavirus

Nano Research and Applications is pleased to announce Special issue on the topic “Nanotechnology in Battle Against Coronavirus”.

In light of the current pandemic outbreak of a novel coronavirus (COVID-19), Nano Research and Applications Journal invites the studies on coronavirus investigations, clinical trials, upcoming advancements and many more related concepts. Coronavirus disease 2019/ COVID-19, the novel Corona virus strain that was first noticed in Wuhan, China, in December last year. The most common symptoms of COVID-19 are a fever, coughing, and breathing problems. Scientists are still researching the risk factors for COVID-19 but data from China CDC suggest that the elderly, and people suffering from pre-existing medical conditions (such as heart disease, respiratory disease including asthma and COPD, or diabetes) have a higher risk of dying from the disease. Presently, there is no specific treatment for disease caused by a novel coronavirus. However, many of the symptoms can be treated and therefore treatment based on the patient's clinical condition.

Worldwide research organizations, several pharmaceutical companies, etc., are involved in the development of potential drugs/vaccines. Current research implications also include the Nanotechnology to fight against this novel corona virus. In the process of making more information available about this topic on an open access platform, we would like to invite all the Researchers/Doctors/Medical Professionals/Institutions to submit Case-report,  research, review, short commentary, opinion, perspective or any kind of article related to the topic and it will be processed within the next 15 days and published in our May month special issue. Scholars/Researchers/Professionals are urged to publish their thoughts and significant research results through our platform.

Submission Process 

  • Special issue articles can include both original unpublished research articles and review articles related to the specific theme
  • Manuscripts will be accepted for publishing in the special issue only after getting approved by the peer review committee.
  • All the articles in special issues should strictly adhere to journal style and formatting.
  • Each special issue can be created with 5-7 articles.
  • Manuscripts can be submitted through Online submission portal: https://www.imedpub.com/submissions/nano-research-applications.html or you can please submit at: editor@imedpub.com
  • Submission should be accompanied by a cover letter with reference to the concerned special issue theme.

Please visit Author guidelines page to know more about article formatting and guidelines: https://nanotechnology.imedpub.com/author-guidelines.php

Note: For any queries or assistance please do contact us through editor@imedpub.com or through WhatsApp: +44-7460312890


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