Special Issue: COVID-19: Nutrition Guide for Pandemic World

COVID-19: Nutrition Guide for Pandemic World

The current worldwide flare-up of Coronavirus (COVID-19) has disturbed nourishment frameworks around the globe. Appropriate sustenance and hydration are indispensable. Individuals who eat an even eating routine will in general be more advantageous with more grounded invulnerable frameworks and lower danger of incessant sicknesses and irresistible diseases. Great nourishment is vital for wellbeing, especially in times when the resistant framework may need to fight back.

The progressing COVID-19 pandemic will affect individuals and their nourishment, human services, economies and nourishment frameworks in all edges of the world. Individuals living with interminable sicknesses who have suspected or affirmed COVID-19 may require support with their psychological well-being and diet to guarantee they keep healthy. The COVID-19 pandemic has all the makings of an ideal tempest for worldwide lack of healthy nourishment.

This special issue on "COVID-19: Nutrition Guide for Pandemic World" reveals insight into significant connections between COVID-19 and nourishment, craving, wellbeing and nourishment frameworks – by uniting significant updates, direction, articles and supposition pieces, in its underlying stage.

All papers related to coronavirus that are within the journal’s scope are being considered, and accepted coronavirus papers will be fast-tracked through the review and production process.

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