In mathematics and physics, a vector is a characteristic of a vector space. In many vector-specific spaces, veterans have found specific words, listed below. Historically, veterans were introduced to geometry and physics (usually in mechanics) before the conceptualization of vector space. Thus, one often talks about vectors without specifying a vector space that does not belong to it. Specifically, in the Euclidean space, one considers the spatial vectors, also called the Euclidean vectors that are used to represent the sum of magnitude and direction, and can be added and measured (that is multiplied by the actual number) of vector space. All algebra over a field is vector space, but algebraic elements are often not called vectors. However, in some cases, they are called vectors, mainly for historical reasons. The Euclidean vector is thus a function given the size (length of the line segment (A, B)) and the direction (path from A to B). In physics, Euclidean vectors are used to represent physical dimensions of size and direction, but which are not found somewhere, unlike the scale, which has no way.

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