The transcriptome is the arrangement of all RNA transcripts, including coding and non-coding, in an individual or a populace of cells. The term can likewise now and again be utilized to allude to all RNAs, or just mRNA, contingent upon the specific investigation. The term transcriptome is a portmanteau of the words transcript and genome; it is related with the procedure of transcript creation during the natural procedure of translation.

The beginning periods of transcriptome comments started with cDNA libraries distributed during the 1980s. In this manner, the appearance of high-throughput innovation prompted quicker and increasingly effective methods of acquiring information about the transcriptome. Two organic procedures are utilized to consider the transcriptome, to be specific DNA microarray, a hybridization-based strategy and RNA-seq, an arrangement based approach. RNA-seq is the favored technique and has been the predominant transcriptomics method since the 2010s. Single-cell transcriptomics permits following of transcript changes after some time inside individual cells.

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