The tomato is that the edible, often red, berry of the plant Solanum Lycopersicum, commonly referred to as a herb. The species originated in western South America and Central America. The Nahuatl (the language utilized by the Aztecs) word tomato gave rise to the Spanish word tomate, from that a people word tomato derived. Its domestication and use as a cultivated food could have originated with the autochthonic peoples of North American nation. The Aztecs used tomatoes in their change of state at the time of the Spanish conquest of the Aztec Empire, and when the Spanish encountered the tomate for the primary time when their contact with the Aztecs, they brought the plant to Europe. From there, the tomato was introduced to different elements of the European-colonized world throughout the sixteenth century

Tomatoes area unit a big supply of umami flavor. The tomato is consumed in various ways in which, raw or well-done, in several dishes, sauces, salads, and drinks. whereas tomatoes area unit fruits—botanically classified as berries—they area unit un remarkably used as a vegetable ingredient or entremots

The antique question really has Associate in Nursing answer—it's both! Tomatoes area unit fruits that area unit thought of vegetables by nutritionists. Botanically, a fruit may be a mature flower ovary and contains seeds

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