Ophthalmology is a medical and surgical branch specializing in the diagnosis and treatment of eye diseases.  An optician is an ophthalmology specialist. The accreditation includes medical qualifications, followed by another four to five years of eye care training. Citizenship training programs may require at least one year of training before you will be on internal medicine, children or general surgery. Additional specialized training (or fellowship) may be required for a specific field of eye disease. Ophthalmologists are allowed to use medicine to treat eye infections, use laser therapy, and provide surgery where necessary. Ophthalmologists can participate in research studies on the diagnosis and treatment of eye diseases.

Optical coherence tomography (OCT) is a medical technology platform used to evaluate ocular structures. Data is then used by physicians / surgeons to evaluate the stage of pathological procedures and to confirm the clinical diagnosis. The following OCTs are used to evaluate the effectiveness of diabetes management, age-related deterioration and glaucoma.

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