Molecular Medicine


Sub-atomic medication is an expansive field, where physical, concoction, organic, bioinformatics and clinical strategies are utilized to depict sub-atomic structures and instruments, distinguish crucial sub-atomic and hereditary blunders of infection, and to create sub-atomic intercessions to address them. The sub-atomic medication point of view underscores cell and sub-atomic marvels and mediations as opposed to the past calculated and observational spotlight on patients and their organs

In November 1949, with the fundamental paper, "Sickle Cell Anemia, a Molecular Disease", in Science magazine, Linus Pauling, Harvey Itano and their teammates laid the foundation for building up the field of atomic medication. In 1956, Roger J. Williams composed Biochemical Individuality, a judicious book about hereditary qualities, avoidance and treatment of malady on a sub-atomic premise, and nourishment which is presently differently alluded to as individualized medication and orthomolecular medication. Another paper in Science by Pauling in 1968, presented and characterized this perspective on sub-atomic medication that centers around normal and nourishing substances utilized for treatment and counteraction.


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