Dermatology is a medical branch responsible for the skin. It is a specialty with both medical and surgical features. A Dentist is a specialist doctor who specializes in skin, hair and nail diseases and certain cosmetic problems.After receiving a medical degree (MD or DO), the length of training in the United States for a general dentist is eligible for Board certification by the American Academy of Dermatology, The American Board of Dermatology or the American Osteopathic Board of Dermatology has been four years. This training consists of the first year of medical, replacement, surgical, or pediatric care followed by a three-year period of residency. After this training, one or two year residency relationships are available in immunodermatology, Phototherapy, laser medicine, Mohs micrographic surgery, cosmetic surgery, dermatopathology, or pediatric dermatology. For the past several years, the position of a dermatologist in the United States has been one of the most competitive.

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