Abiotic Stress

Abiotic stress is a negative impact of non-living organisms in a environment. Inanimate variants must influence the environment beyond its normal range of fluctuations to adversely affect the functioning of a population or an individual organ of the body in a significant way.

While biotic stresses include existing disturbances such as fungi or harmful insects, abiotic stressors, or stresses, they occur naturally, inorganic and inanimate objects such as too much sunlight, heat or air that can cause damage to plants and animals. Abiotic stress is unavoidable. Abiotic stress affects animals, but plants are highly dependent, if not solely dependent on the environment, and are therefore particularly compelling. Abiotic stress is a very dangerous factor in relation to the growth and production of plants worldwide. Studies have also shown that abiotic stressors are their most dangerous when encountered, in abiotic stress mixtures.

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