Swine nutrition

Nutrition to swine feeding should observe the amount of nutrient/day and concentration of nutrients present in the diet. Nutrients given to pig should meet other factors like lactation, growth etc., Wheat is the excellent feed grain for swine nutrition but usually is not competitively priced with milo or corn. Wheat can replace all or part of the corn or milo in a swine nutrition without affecting performance. Oats also have more lysine than either milo or corn, but again their high fiber content limits their application in swine nutrition. Research indicates that the addition of 3 to 5 percent fat to growing–finishing swine diets will improve feed conversion and often average daily gain. Soybean meal is usually the most economical source of high quality protein available to Kansas swine producers. Therefore, there is no need to have both animal and plant protein sources in a swine nutrition. Minerals constitute a small percentage of the swine diets. swine diets generally contain large amounts of phytate phosphorus which is not digested and excreted in manure.

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