Scoliosis is abnormal sideways curvature of spine. It is caused by congenital, developmental or degenerative problems. Scoliosis develops in the thoracic spine or thoracolumbar area of spine. Scoliosis surgery is used to treat severe scoliosis. Surgery is done to straight the spine. Surgery is used to stabilize the spine. Surgery is done by attaching rods to the spine and doing spinal fusion or instrumentation without fusion (attaches devices such as metal rods to the spine to stabilize without fusing).Treatment- it is treated with medications, surgery and alternative medicines. Medication includes analgesics (poo) NSAIDs and there is a use of opioids and muscle relaxants. Surgery involves removal of part of the disk, which is known as discectomy. Alternative medicine suggests that spinal manipulation is affective in auto sciatica and poor in chronic sciatica.

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