RNA Nanotechnology

RNA Nanotechnology is a unique field that is distinct from the classical studies of RNA structure and folding. Besides intra-molecular (within a molecule) interaction and folding, the special knowledge of inter-molecular (between molecules) interaction is necessary. (4) RNA nanoparticles can be purified to homogeneity and can be characterized or visualized by either chemical, physical, biophysical, or optical procedures. (5) Previously, the sensitivity of RNA to RNase degradation had been the biggest hurdle in the production of RNA for use as a construction material. Recently, simple chemical modifications, such as that with 2-fluorine, have led to the generation of certain RNAs resistant to degradation, without changing their folding property and even their ability to retain their biological function in certain cases. (6) Finally, simply conjugating functional RNA modules to gold, liposome, dendrimer or polymer based nanoparticles does not constitute RNA nanotechnology; rather, RNA nanotechnology is bottom-up approaches to assemble nanometer scale particles with its main constituent composed of RNA.

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