Public Health and Preventive Medicine

Public Health deals with science and craft of avoiding sickness, drawing out life and advancing well-being through composed endeavors and educated decisions of society, associations, open and private, groups and people. Preventive Medicine concentrates on the strength of people, groups, and characterized populaces.Public Health is the science and practice of protecting and improving the health of a community, as by preventive medicine, health education, control of communicable diseases, application of sanitary measures, and monitoring of environmental hazards.Public health and general preventive medicine focuses on promoting health, preventing disease, and managing the health of communities and defined populations. These practitioners combine population-based public health skills with knowledge of primary, secondary, and tertiary prevention-oriented clinical practice in a wide variety of settings.

Public Health and Preventive Medicine specialists have populations rather than individual people as their patients. They assess and measure the health status of the population and develop effective interventions at the population level in order to improve health. They are leaders, advocates, and collaborators in public health.

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