Nutritional care

The substances, methods, and setting involved in ensuring the proper intake and absorption of nutriments, especially for the hospitalized patient. The Nutrition Care Process is a systematic approach to providing high-quality nutrition care. The Nutrition Care Process consists of distinct, interrelated steps:

Nutrition Assessment: The RDN (Registered dietitian nutritionist) collects and documents information such as food or nutrition-related history; biochemical data, medical tests and procedures; anthropometric measurements, nutrition-focused physical findings and client history

Diagnosis: Data collected during the nutrition assessment guides the RDN in selection of the appropriate nutrition diagnosis (i.e., naming the specific problem)

Intervention: The RDN then selects the nutrition intervention that will be directed to the root cause (or etiology) of the nutrition problem and aimed at alleviating the signs and symptoms of the diagnosis.

Monitoring/Evaluation: The final step of the process is monitoring and evaluation, which the RDN uses to determine if the patient/client has achieved, or is making progress toward, the planned goals.

Journals related of Nutritional Care

Journal of Food and Nutritional Disorders, Health Care : Current Reviews, Journal of Patient Care, Journal of Obesity & Weight Loss Therapy, Archive of "Archives of Medical Science : AMS", Cancer Radiothérapie – Journal, International Journal of Medical Informatics, Nutrition and Cancer, ecancermedicalscience, Anesthesiology Clinics.

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