Lung Transplantation

A lung transplant is an operation to get rid of and replace a diseased lung with a healthy human lung from someone who has died or donor. But in some cases a section of lung can be taken from a living donor. A lung transplant is used to treat patient with advanced lung disease who are failing to respond to other treatments and treat a patient whose life expectancy is less than 2 to a few years while not a transplant.

In most cases, the new lung or lungs are usually donated by a person who is under age 65 and brain-dead but is still on life-support. The donor tissue must be matched as closely as possible to your tissue type. This reduces the chances that the body will reject the transplant. Lungs can also be given by living donors. Two or more people are needed. Each person donates a segment (lobe) of their lung. This forms an entire lung for the person who is receiving it.

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