Immunopathology is defects or malfunctions in either the innate or adaptive immune response that can provoke illness or a disease. Such disorders are generally caused by an overactive immune response (known as hypersensitivity reactions), an inappropriate reaction to self (known as autoimmunity) or ineffective immune responses (known as immunodeficiency).

Immunopathology is not a “side effect” of the Marshall Protocol– not in the traditional sense anyway. Also, the MP does not “cause” an exacerbation of disease symptoms. Patients are hardwired to equate symptoms with disease, but what many do not realize is that all disease symptoms are the result of an immune system response.

A rise in intensity of symptoms is not a sign that the disease process is advancing, but an indication that the immune system is active and killing bacteria. If a person gets infected with a virus, the rise in symptoms he or she displays is not caused by the virus, but the response of the immune system to the virus. The symptoms of food poisoning including diarrhea and vomiting are very unpleasant, but are extremely effective in rapidly eliminating toxins.

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